Sunday, 23 September 2012

Long time no hear

So, I think the first thing I need to be saying is "Sorry it's been so long since my last post".

Nearly a year has gone by since my last post. A hectic year it has been too. In brief, here's what has been happening..... I will add individual posts in the coming weeks to share in more detail.
  • The building works continued and we finally got the major works done by January this year.  We have just about finished now apart from the odd cosmetic jobs but enthusiam and funds have run low.
  • Emily had a couple of seizures at school.
  • Emily had to be referred to a Clinical Psychologist due to her ever increasing anxiety issues.
  • Introduction of ICT equipment in to school for her.
  • Annual review at school.
  • We took a well deserved holiday to Florida - Disney.
  • Emilys eye sight deteriorated - requiring surgery [very stressful].
  • During the stresses of Emilys eye issues we escaped and had a last minute family holiday to Butlins.
  • Emilys Grandma [my Mum] had a heart attack.
  • 17q21.31 Micro-deletion Syndrome became something else!!
  • One-to-One education continued at home whilst off school and WoW.... thinking this is the way forward for Em.
Hoping all my blog readers are well.  I will do my first update shortly.
See ya soon.