Wednesday, 28 April 2010


See the concentration in their faces?

Brother and Sister sharing and interacting together.... I love it.

It doesn't happen often in our house, Joshua does love his Sister but she can't do what he can do - he still refers to her as "Baby Emily", not in a horrid way - that is what we called her when younger.  Joshua just still sees her as Baby Emily as she can't talk and/or do what other 4 1/2 year olds do!!

However, today as Emily came in from school - she was very very excited.  We have a new piece of equipment for her which she just couldn't wait to try out......... neither could her big Brother.  They played like this for about an hour, Joshua was even carefully showing her how to use this new miracle device, he was patiently guiding her hand and telling her when to "click", it was truely wonderful to watch them......

What is this new miracle device I hear you asking?


It's a mouse for the computer....... Emily's fine motor skills and co-ordination are just too poor to enable her to use a standard mouse.  Just lately she has been showing a keen interest in using the computer both at home and at school, so I contacted our local ESPD (Educational Support for the Physically Disabled) for a little advice.

This is what they came up with "Traxsys Rollerball" and what an excellent piece of equipment it is too (Thank you Liz).

Emily is going to find this so helpful, I can't tell you how nice it is to see her little face when she knows she has selected something on that screen all by herself....... priceless!!

PS:  Helped me do this post too as I can't use a normal mouse with all this padding since my operation - he he!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Doing OK

Whilst I'm sat at the computer I thought I would just do a quick post to let you know I'm doing OK.

I had surgery on Thursday morning - Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right arm.  I arrived at hospital for 8:15 am and was back home again by 2 pm - all done awake, and I can honestly say it was fine {I had a very good nurse who kept my mind off things}.

My main problem is coping with the inconvenience of only having my left hand to do everything with!!!  It's NOT easy when yoy're a right handed person and there are some things which you don't want your husband doing for you!!!  Some things in my opinion just shouldn't be shared within your marriage {if you know what I mean!!!!}

Anyway ~ I'm getting by, missing me blogging, my ebaying and my facebooking - how sad do I sound...  see you again soon my friends xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Try Again...

My operation was cancelled on Monday as you will probably know....... so lets try again.

It is re-scheduled for Thursday morning - I have to be at the hospital for 8:30 am.

So, I have done this post and scheduled it to show on my blog at 10:00 am, if you are reading this it must mean that I am at the hospital and it's full steam ahead.  {otherwise I would have cancelled the post and therefore you wouldn't be reading it!!}

So then, that's me for a few weeks...

Take care all and I will post again as soon as I can.

With love
Tracey xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Park Fun

Yesterday Emily had yet again another boring hospital appointment, boring it was too............ Emily was very good for me considering!!!!

So on the route home we stopped off for some fun.........

Emily's favourite place at the moment is the park...

Does this look like the face of one happy little girl to you?

She let out a slight squeal coming down this slide..

She was very proud of herself - she even climbed on by herself on this occasion..

Don't you just love to see their little faces glow when they master something eventually??

She tried so very very hard to climb on this piece of equipment - just look at the concentration on her face !!

It was just too hard for her though {but this was one of the bigger childrens climbing frames afterall}

So Mummy gave her just a little help....

Her newest game though is standing here playing cafes....... I'm loving this new make believe play she has just started doing...

Here she is passing me my order......

MMMMmmmm Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake - my favourite - Thank You Sweetheart - Thank You for the fun you put in my life xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

I WILL BE BACK.. (updated)

{2 hours prior to operation it got cancelled............ frustrated to say the least - the amount of organising work and home life around this surgery and the surgeon thinks it's OK to cancel just like that!!  If that's the private sector for you they can keep it!!!!}

Re-scheduled for Thursday - so you may have to put up with another post from me until then - he he xx

For those of you that don't know, I am having my first operation today {being brave, being brave!!}

Carpel tunnel syndrome surgery - they are doing my right arm first, which is very kind of them......

They probably do the dominant arm first as I have heard that most people never return to have their other arm done!!!!!!!!!  {not sure I like the sound of that mind}

Anyway...... I may be missing for a while, if I can't manage to type using my left hand only, I will try with my big toes and then try with my tongue ~ if these fail I will TRY and get my husband to do the updates but that could cause the end of my marriage - "the computer is my thing" is his favourite saying, watching him type is like watching paint dry!!

So please be patient with me - I WILL BE BACK as soon as I can I promise xx

Who's a Big Girl ?

To those with "typically" developing children (is that the correct phrase? I can't keep up with the changes!!) - this post won't really mean very much to you......

To those of you following a similar journey, you will GET just how excited I am by this achievement.......

We have tried and tried and tried to get Emily to not use her sippy cup, spouted beaker or cup with straw attached............. it's been a long time coming with lots of practice usually ending up in a full change of clothing being required.

I think school have done better than we have at home ~ until now.................

Emily managed to drink all of her juice, from a big girl cup, no spillage, no change of clothing required

Looking at her face it's not just Mummy who is very proud


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Eye Consultant Update

You will recall my post last month "Nystagmus" ~ this post is a little update of how the appointment went with the consultant.

Due to Emilys squint being quite bad at times and now the nystagmus (wobbling of the eyes) - patching is definately not an option.

Mr Innes wants to get things right for Emily, sooner rather than later, for him to be able to do this he wants to explore everything............. so unfortunately he has requested an MRI scan be done.

I say unfortunately as this will have to be done under anaesthetic, Emily will have to be knocked out to ensure she doesn't move at all ~ anaesthetic always frightens me!!

He wants to ensure that nothing is changing within her brain which may be causing the wobbling of her eyes, also to enable him to have a thorough look at behind her eyes too.

I will keep you informed when I know when this will be happening.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Time ....

The children have been off school for the past week so we decided to head to the coast for a few nights to Primrose Valley in a caravan...

To say it was cold is an under~statement, but the break away did us good - Joshua and Emily loved it... 

Joshua braved it on the huge inflatable slide

Emily, my dare~devil princess insisted she wanted to go on the trampolines.............. Mummy was a nervous wreck!!

They where only the baby ones mind so I could hold on to a strap to assist with the bouncing - but still I was very impressed that she enjoyed it with all her sensory issues she has at the moment.

Joshua thrashed his Daddy at a game of crazy golf

Ian was sick [he he] ~ Joshua even got a hole-in-one (go-on-my-Son!)

We then came home to an obscene amount of you know what from the Easter Bunny..

There goes the diet !?!?!?