Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thank You Siobhan

I am sure from my previous posts - you will be realising that I am very sad that it is time for Emily to move on to pastures new....... [excited but sad]

You will have now guessed that Emilys one-to-one Support Worker Siobhan was [is] amazing

So I just wanted to share with you the gift we gave to her when Emily finished her Graduation Concert last week....

The Exchange

We had a photo book made of her time spent with our Special Daughter, they built a lovely relationship together and I know Emily will always have a special place in her heart, so what better thing to have other than memories........ photographs [how did you know I was going to say that!!!]

Siobhans response {whilst crying of course}

"Thank You ~ I will cherish it forever"

Monday, 26 July 2010

Graduation Day..


Yeah - you heard me correctly......

Last Tuesday it was Emily's Graduation Concert at her pre-school and what a fantastic concert it was too...

[I'm sorry it has taken me nearly a week to post this ~ if I'm honest I've been a tad emotional for the last week........ so just couldn't face doing much really]

Now these pictures aren't great ~ sorry ~ my camera doesn't cope with the dark!!

Emily front right - in pink shorts, up doing her bit!!
Emily taking a bow - to the left of lady in red {Siobhan}

The children sang songs for us - some in sign too

They danced for us - Emily joined in too [in her fashion], this was a massive achievement for her as on all the rehersals she wouldn't attempt to join in with the dancing

They enjoyed making their parents very very proud




Emily very proud - receiving and showing off her certificate

Look at that grin!!!!!  Is that one "proud of herself" face or what?

The lady she is with is Siobhan, her support worker [I'm sure you already know that], that grin is probably for her.......... Emily knows just how proud Siobhan was of her..

We also got to say "good-bye" to all of her special play buddies ~ the staff, who we are going to miss very very much.

What a tear jerking day this was...... a brilliant day though....... and another day of being immensely proud of you Emily Jean

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Oh Boy ~ what a day....

I'm doing this quick update as I'm sure a lot of my "pre-school" friends may be checking on here for todays events..............


Today was the concert at Emily's pre-school for the leavers [that's all I'm saying right now - post to follow]

Also Emily had an assessment for a communication device this morning [again a post will follow]

Then this evening was open evening for parents at Joshua's school

The results from Emilys MRI scan arrived also!


So I'm going to bed
I promise I will post tomorrow.......


Friday, 16 July 2010

Nearing the End :>(

The end of our school year is fast approaching....... gosh that means my handsome little boy will be heading in to Juniors after the summer - growing up so fast.  I occasionally have to stop for a moment just to watch him, I can't believe how fast he has grown up.......... part of Joshua's life is a slight blur to me, when Emily was more in hospital than not and then the hecticness of life sometimes just seems to take over and you miss things happening right before your eyes!!

Also, A LOT of changes will be happening for my Precious Princess.  She will be leaving the pre-school that she has been attending since April 2008 - to move on to ventures new.

St Marks Pre-school

Emily appears to be taking everything in her stride......... visits to her new school, professionals popping in and out to see her to finalize their reports - she knows something is going on, but she's doing OK.

These are the two schools that she will be attending

Mummy on the other hand is not!

Mummy doesn't like change!!  Mummy is pretty much scared out of her mind........ but putting on a pretty brave face to the outside world [like us Mums do].

I'm scared of changing what has been working.

I'm scared of losing the incredible team that we have helping Emily to meet her potential.

In particular I'm scared of losing Emilys support worker SIOBHAN.

We have built up a brilliant relationship and I know I'm going to miss her just as much as Emily is going to.  I am going to miss all of the staff at St Marks, they have become my friends it feels!

Obviously, I've got to stay positive and look forward....... I've met Emily's new support worker who will be working with her at both settings from September, she is lovely also, so I know things will be OK...

I just aren't very good at GOOD BYES [sat crying right now at the thought of it!!!]  I'M SUCH A BIG SOFTY.

I am also going to miss all the other parents and children at Emilys setting - some of which have given me a lot of support during these last 2 years - for that I am truely grateful and feel blessed to have met such lovely families - if you are reading this "Thank You".

I will apologise now......... if I don't say Bye next week............. if I make a point of avoiding you........ I'm not being ignorant............ I just don't do Good~Bye's.


Friday, 9 July 2010

Cool for School

The weather has been heating up here in the UK for the last couple of weeks [hope I'm not speaking too soon!].

Emily has been having to wear shorts etc as her school uniform has just been too warm for her.

I got her some little summer school dresses yesterday so just had to share this one with you!



Thursday, 8 July 2010

So sweet

I just had to share this with you!!

I have done a post mentioning this same child previously........ HERE.

Last week Emily took her Bravery certificate from the hospital in to pre-school to share with all the other children.

Yesterday three little girls sheepishly approached me with Emily when we first arrived at pre-school and handed me this:

[wiping away my happy tears right now!]


I feel blessed that the children care and accept Emily - this just re-confirms it to me....

Monday, 5 July 2010

What a Difference a Week Can Make...

This time last week we had lived through a very unpleasant day, or should I say Emily had....... it was the dreaded MRI under GA, which she didn't take very kindly to.

Well what a difference a week can make!!

Emily was very excited going to pre-school this morning, she had remembered what Siobhan (her support worker) had asked her last Wednesday!!  Instead of eating her pack-lunch at school, would she like to go and have a picnic with Siobhan and her family to meet their new addition {the arrival of a baby grand-daughter for Siobhan occured whilst we where on holiday}.

So that is exactly what they did...........

Emily is waving to Mummy there whilst having a cuddle of baby!!

Not only did she get to have a picnic and cuddle a baby she spent the whole afternoon with Siobhan and Ollie (grandson) having lots and lots of fun.


I think it did Emily good to spend some time away from Mummy other than at pre-school - she has been so full of herself ever since she got home - it's lovely to see!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gunged !!!!!

It was the Summer Carnival at Joshua's school yesterday (soon to be one of Emilys schools too!!)

One part of yesterday I would like to mention now {more to follow later} was the auction they did to raise some school funds.

A number of staff had put their names forward for this{silly people!! lol}  The children {and staff I think} could pay 10p per vote to vote for who they wanted to be GUNGED!!

Now I'm sure they made a packet as the children would have relished in this........... who they liked the most, who they disliked the most, the last teacher that told them off, the teacher they had a crush on - well it goes on and on doesn't it and that's just the children ~ I'm sure there where plenty of parents throwing their 10p's in the pot for voting too {not to mention the staff voting on each other}!!

Here's the line up of those [silly] game-for-a-laugh volunteers!!

The three people liked / disliked with the most votes where announced and stepped forward

Then the bidding and the gunging began - whoever bid the most money was able to do the gunging!!

{if you look carefully at the last photo above - you can see Emily sat on her Daddys knee in the background, putting her arm across her face - she usually does this when she is scared - bless her!!}

So here's Emily sat with Papa and Papa is trying to explain to her that these people are sane really - she doesn't look too convinced does she?!?!

You can't blame her considering that these three professionals are going to be VERY important for her future education............... please let me introduce you to

The Deputy Head / The Head / Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

I'm not worried..


Friday, 2 July 2010

School Visit

On Wednesday of this week Emily was invited to the mainstream school {above} that she will be attending as part of her dual placement come September.

She acted like a "big" girl and was very excited with her name badge and her visit

This is the same school that her big brother attends so Emily is familiar with surrounding.

However, yet again I am going to have to say - she AMAZED me!

After speaking with the "senco" we agreed that if possible I would leave Emily in the classroom and sit in the reception office - I couldn't leave the premises as obviously no-one is trained in Emily's care plan as yet.  We just didn't think it would be a good idea for me to stay with her as she would think I would be able to stay come September!

If I'm honest I think we where all a little nervous about what to expect!

We shouldn't have been...............

I arrived with her half an hour after the other new starters - just incase any of them was upset, as seeing another child upset seriously throws Emily and she can remain upset for nearly a whole session at pre-school {infact it takes longer to calm her down than the child that was upset in the first place LOL}

So we arrived at the school at 2pm - by 2:05pm I was sat in the reception reading my book!!

REDUNDANT {thats me}

She was one happy little girl ~ I am so very proud of her

She told me that she played in the sand with a little boy
She did a painting {above}
She looked at books
She played on a see-saw

Then when us parents returned the children were sat on the carpet listening to a story {well Emily was sat on someones knee}

Our children where brought over to us, Emily was very happy to see me, however when she realised it was home time - she quickly returned to the lap she had been sat on to continue with listening to the story.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Certificate of Bravery!!!!

Our brave little girl certainly deserves this after Monday - phew am I glad that day is over.

Shall we just say I wouldn't want to rush to have any further investigation type examinations under general anaesthetic in a hurry.  It took two male anaesthetists, a nurse and myself to hold her down to get the mask on her to get her to sleep - it broke my heart.  She didn't wake any better, my only words to describe her would be "like a wild animal" - no Mummy whispers where getting through, she was hysterical for around 20 minutes.

She finally fell asleep at 10:30am.........  this is her still not a happy bunny at approximately 1pm!!

We managed to convince her to have a little drink at around 1:30pm - after having to go nil by mouth from midnight the evening before!!  Plus they wouldn't allow her home until after she had had something to eat and drink - bless all she kept signing was "home".
Thankfully she then started showing some interest in her Peppa Pig DVD's - getting back to her normal self.
We were finally allowed home at just after 2 pm.

Emily got lots and lots of cuddles and kisses, by gosh she deserved them!!  So did Mummy too.  It is so unfair for any parent to have to watch and be part of having to put their child through some of the things we do!!


**  Obviously we won't get the results from the MRI scan for a couple of weeks when we next see the consultant.  However, he did pop over to see us once he had carried out a thorough eye examination whilst she was still under GA, he is happy with the structure of her eyes, everything seems in tact and no damage to the optic nervce etc - so this has got to be good news ~ right !?!  Doesn't give us any answers to why she has developed the nystagmus - I just pray it isn't due to anything changing within her brain.  I will update you once we see him again in 2 weeks time xx