Thursday, 1 July 2010

Certificate of Bravery!!!!

Our brave little girl certainly deserves this after Monday - phew am I glad that day is over.

Shall we just say I wouldn't want to rush to have any further investigation type examinations under general anaesthetic in a hurry.  It took two male anaesthetists, a nurse and myself to hold her down to get the mask on her to get her to sleep - it broke my heart.  She didn't wake any better, my only words to describe her would be "like a wild animal" - no Mummy whispers where getting through, she was hysterical for around 20 minutes.

She finally fell asleep at 10:30am.........  this is her still not a happy bunny at approximately 1pm!!

We managed to convince her to have a little drink at around 1:30pm - after having to go nil by mouth from midnight the evening before!!  Plus they wouldn't allow her home until after she had had something to eat and drink - bless all she kept signing was "home".
Thankfully she then started showing some interest in her Peppa Pig DVD's - getting back to her normal self.
We were finally allowed home at just after 2 pm.

Emily got lots and lots of cuddles and kisses, by gosh she deserved them!!  So did Mummy too.  It is so unfair for any parent to have to watch and be part of having to put their child through some of the things we do!!


**  Obviously we won't get the results from the MRI scan for a couple of weeks when we next see the consultant.  However, he did pop over to see us once he had carried out a thorough eye examination whilst she was still under GA, he is happy with the structure of her eyes, everything seems in tact and no damage to the optic nervce etc - so this has got to be good news ~ right !?!  Doesn't give us any answers to why she has developed the nystagmus - I just pray it isn't due to anything changing within her brain.  I will update you once we see him again in 2 weeks time xx


  1. such a brave little girly, and brave mummy, daddy and brother too, well done to you all. xxxx
    love amanda, beth, dylan and izzy nix xxxx

  2. She is so stinking cute! Love & Blessings! xoxo

  3. How heartbreaking. I hope you get some results

  4. I'm so glad that it is all over for you all and that you got some good news. Hopefully the rest of the news will be good too!!

    I agree, that we parents shouldn't have to put our children through some of these situations. It is tough for all of us.

    I bet you two enjoyed those cuddles and kisses!!!

  5. Thank you all - it was a tough day I must confess.

    Today is a new day xx