Friday, 16 July 2010

Nearing the End :>(

The end of our school year is fast approaching....... gosh that means my handsome little boy will be heading in to Juniors after the summer - growing up so fast.  I occasionally have to stop for a moment just to watch him, I can't believe how fast he has grown up.......... part of Joshua's life is a slight blur to me, when Emily was more in hospital than not and then the hecticness of life sometimes just seems to take over and you miss things happening right before your eyes!!

Also, A LOT of changes will be happening for my Precious Princess.  She will be leaving the pre-school that she has been attending since April 2008 - to move on to ventures new.

St Marks Pre-school

Emily appears to be taking everything in her stride......... visits to her new school, professionals popping in and out to see her to finalize their reports - she knows something is going on, but she's doing OK.

These are the two schools that she will be attending

Mummy on the other hand is not!

Mummy doesn't like change!!  Mummy is pretty much scared out of her mind........ but putting on a pretty brave face to the outside world [like us Mums do].

I'm scared of changing what has been working.

I'm scared of losing the incredible team that we have helping Emily to meet her potential.

In particular I'm scared of losing Emilys support worker SIOBHAN.

We have built up a brilliant relationship and I know I'm going to miss her just as much as Emily is going to.  I am going to miss all of the staff at St Marks, they have become my friends it feels!

Obviously, I've got to stay positive and look forward....... I've met Emily's new support worker who will be working with her at both settings from September, she is lovely also, so I know things will be OK...

I just aren't very good at GOOD BYES [sat crying right now at the thought of it!!!]  I'M SUCH A BIG SOFTY.

I am also going to miss all the other parents and children at Emilys setting - some of which have given me a lot of support during these last 2 years - for that I am truely grateful and feel blessed to have met such lovely families - if you are reading this "Thank You".

I will apologise now......... if I don't say Bye next week............. if I make a point of avoiding you........ I'm not being ignorant............ I just don't do Good~Bye's.


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  1. (((((((hugs))))))))) I do know how you feel. I remember sobbing my heart out to the head of the SLD school that Matt attended from age 2.5 to 5 - so scared that I'd made the wrong choices. He reassured me - nothing's carved in stone. Matt didn't look back once - just took it all in his stride, and I'm sure will be the same for Emily. I know how hard it is though, Carol xx