Monday, 5 July 2010

What a Difference a Week Can Make...

This time last week we had lived through a very unpleasant day, or should I say Emily had....... it was the dreaded MRI under GA, which she didn't take very kindly to.

Well what a difference a week can make!!

Emily was very excited going to pre-school this morning, she had remembered what Siobhan (her support worker) had asked her last Wednesday!!  Instead of eating her pack-lunch at school, would she like to go and have a picnic with Siobhan and her family to meet their new addition {the arrival of a baby grand-daughter for Siobhan occured whilst we where on holiday}.

So that is exactly what they did...........

Emily is waving to Mummy there whilst having a cuddle of baby!!

Not only did she get to have a picnic and cuddle a baby she spent the whole afternoon with Siobhan and Ollie (grandson) having lots and lots of fun.


I think it did Emily good to spend some time away from Mummy other than at pre-school - she has been so full of herself ever since she got home - it's lovely to see!

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