Friday, 2 July 2010

School Visit

On Wednesday of this week Emily was invited to the mainstream school {above} that she will be attending as part of her dual placement come September.

She acted like a "big" girl and was very excited with her name badge and her visit

This is the same school that her big brother attends so Emily is familiar with surrounding.

However, yet again I am going to have to say - she AMAZED me!

After speaking with the "senco" we agreed that if possible I would leave Emily in the classroom and sit in the reception office - I couldn't leave the premises as obviously no-one is trained in Emily's care plan as yet.  We just didn't think it would be a good idea for me to stay with her as she would think I would be able to stay come September!

If I'm honest I think we where all a little nervous about what to expect!

We shouldn't have been...............

I arrived with her half an hour after the other new starters - just incase any of them was upset, as seeing another child upset seriously throws Emily and she can remain upset for nearly a whole session at pre-school {infact it takes longer to calm her down than the child that was upset in the first place LOL}

So we arrived at the school at 2pm - by 2:05pm I was sat in the reception reading my book!!

REDUNDANT {thats me}

She was one happy little girl ~ I am so very proud of her

She told me that she played in the sand with a little boy
She did a painting {above}
She looked at books
She played on a see-saw

Then when us parents returned the children were sat on the carpet listening to a story {well Emily was sat on someones knee}

Our children where brought over to us, Emily was very happy to see me, however when she realised it was home time - she quickly returned to the lap she had been sat on to continue with listening to the story.



  1. Tracey that is brilliant! Debbie x

  2. Awesome Tracey, you were so brave, Emily nailed it! Andrea & El.

  3. Fantastic! What a star! Carolxx

  4. We have so many fears in the beginning but I think our two girls are so much alike... I am so happy you finally feel a little more at ease...Maddie has done so well with school, I am sure Emily will do the same!!