Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gunged !!!!!

It was the Summer Carnival at Joshua's school yesterday (soon to be one of Emilys schools too!!)

One part of yesterday I would like to mention now {more to follow later} was the auction they did to raise some school funds.

A number of staff had put their names forward for this{silly people!! lol}  The children {and staff I think} could pay 10p per vote to vote for who they wanted to be GUNGED!!

Now I'm sure they made a packet as the children would have relished in this........... who they liked the most, who they disliked the most, the last teacher that told them off, the teacher they had a crush on - well it goes on and on doesn't it and that's just the children ~ I'm sure there where plenty of parents throwing their 10p's in the pot for voting too {not to mention the staff voting on each other}!!

Here's the line up of those [silly] game-for-a-laugh volunteers!!

The three people liked / disliked with the most votes where announced and stepped forward

Then the bidding and the gunging began - whoever bid the most money was able to do the gunging!!

{if you look carefully at the last photo above - you can see Emily sat on her Daddys knee in the background, putting her arm across her face - she usually does this when she is scared - bless her!!}

So here's Emily sat with Papa and Papa is trying to explain to her that these people are sane really - she doesn't look too convinced does she?!?!

You can't blame her considering that these three professionals are going to be VERY important for her future education............... please let me introduce you to

The Deputy Head / The Head / Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

I'm not worried..



  1. it was a fantastic day, we all enjoyed it, i think the teachers did too, haha.
    Amanda, beth dyl and izzy xxx

  2. It wonderful to see the professionals as people that you can have fun with! This should help make meetings more tolerable, since you can remember them as they were in this last picture.

    I see how she covers her face when she is scared. It reminds me of how Gracie covers her ears when she is feeling unsure, etc. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. The things we do for entertainment!!!! It raised a lot of money so it was well worth it.

  4. Priceless expression on Emily, not convinced at all! Here the principals do things like have to kiss a pig or shave their heads if the kids meet their goals (fund raising or books read and such. Your school staffers are good sports, n funny!

  5. haha thats my mum the one in the middle!!!