Friday, 26 March 2010


We met with Emily's new Speech and Languarge Therapist this last week.  It's been a 3 month journey of patience on my part {which I'm not good at!!} 

After Emily finished at the SN classroom at Christmas and we'd opted for a duel placement between her mainstream pre-school and a couple of sessions at a SLD special school, we hadn't realised that the days Emily would be at the special school where the days that the SALT wasn't there.  Emily hasn't been getting SALT at the mainstream placement as her therapy was always done at the SN classroom ~ which Emily started at at the same time as starting pre-school {with me so far??}  Poor communication and perhaps me not even thinking to question that side of things meant that Emily wasn't getting any SALT input {not good when you are talking about a non-verbal 4 1/2 year old}

Many phone calls later and input from various other professionals helping me to sort the problem, we DID finally get to see her new therapist {although I'm disappointed we won't have her very long as she isn't attached to the school that Emily may be attending on the duel placement if our requests go ahead for September}.  I'll worry about that problem later.....

Barbara is a very experienced lady and more importantly I liked her and her ideas {unfortunately us parents don't always hit it off with the professionals involved with our children so it's a bonus when you do}.

I sat in on the assessment at the pre-school, and I'm so pleased that I did...........


It was nice to see what Emily is actually capable of, which may I add was far better than she will ever do when I'm doing activities with her {she tends to play me up and won't concentrate}.  Her understanding was fantastic, she was easily working at a 4 word comprehensive level - both in her understanding and in her choosing and signing back what she had chose.  Her signing is still very immature but as long as you are aware of what's happening you would probably work out what it is she is telling you.

Notes to self :
*always remember to question every area of Emilys education especially when changes are happening*
*communication is the key to any duel placement ever standing a chance of working so I MUST ensure this happens*
*never ever doubt my gut instinct - I knew Emily understood EVERYTHING I told her*

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last Year....

March 21st 2009

was the Wedding Day of my sweet cousin {and Emily's God Mother}


My handsome boy JOSHUA was a Page Boy

My beautiful princess EMILY was a Bridesmaid

It's been a very busy year, I really can not believe this TRUELY WONDERFUL day was a whole year ago.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


One of our new friends is now famous......

Amy ~ one of the UK children with the same syndrome as Emily has just been on Something Special with Mr Tumble.

I have just watched it 3 times as Emily keeps bringing me the remote asking for more !!

Amy did us proud - well done sweetheart.

{I did put the link here but have cancelled it as it can only be viewed in the UK from that link :>( }

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mums Day

♥ TODAY in the UK is MOTHERS DAY ♥

My children woke me early this morning full of excitement, they wanted to give me my cards, shower me with kisses and wish me a "Happy Mummys Day"

These are what the children brought home from school on Friday for me.

You see that love heart biscuit? {there were 3 of them but Emily and I had one each on the way home from school !!}

The one here was not there for long, within seconds of this photo being taken a little hand reached up and it was gone.......

I am extremely proud of Emily for making me this gift.  I know just how hard she will have had to work on this with the difficulties she has with her fine motor skills.  I know she will have found this really tough.  {sewing/threading}

THANK YOU DARLING ~ your determination is my inspiration xx

Mothers Day......... we haven't done anything special, we took Emily to her therapy session as we do every Sunday and then did the only thing I would want to do and that's spend time with each other.

I've been quite emotional today though ~ emotional for many reasons. 

Reflecting on the past 3 1/2 years and just how far we have come, thinking of the future and what lies ahead. 

Feeling very very lucky for the life that I have and for my two beautiful children that teach me something new every single day. 

This evening I have realised though - that my emotion runs deeper than that and is more based on just how grateful I am ~ so very very grateful that I have still been given the chance to tell my own Mum just how much I Love Her and to wish her a "Very Happy Mothers Day" {read here}

Friday, 12 March 2010



Nystagmus is a form of involuntary eye movement - we were at the Orthoptists at our local hospital yesterday and Emily has now been diagnosed as having this. {one more thing to worry about...}

At our appointment in January {view here} Emily's eye sight had deteriorated especially in her right eye... I am pleased to say that she did better yesterday, so the concern has switched from the visual deteriation to the new diagnosis.

I had mentioned my concern at our last appointment as I was watching her doing her eye test - her eyes had quite a wobble going on - they explained it was just her way of focusing!!

They explained to me yesterday that the Nystagmus could be one of two things.  It could be due to a focusing problem as her brain tries to trace the item she is trying to look at - but a simple test they did made the Orthoptist think otherwise.

The second explanation is that a Nystagmus can occur when a squint has been present and untreat from a very young age. I hate to say "I told you so".  My concern was always passed on to the professionals that Emily had a squint from around 5 months old - as you will have read in my previous post, the professionals never saw it......... so here we are 3 1/2 years on and the squint {that was never actually there !!!} has now caused a new problem for Emily.

WHAT NOW ?  The Orthoptist has now decided that Emily should see the top consultant, I've always questioned why we have never actually seen him sooner, but you put your trust and faith in the professionals! She will be seen within 3 weeks.  It may be that nothing can be done but it was also mentioned that they may decide surgery could be the way to go.

          Emily - age 7 months.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bummer !

TODAY, has NOT been a very good day..... {Emily is fine may I add, nothing to worry about on the Emily front}
NO, today is about me us, well it effects us as a family really.

Today, I was told that the firm I work for {and have done for over 3 years now} is having to let me go!  I'm being made redundant.  {not to mention that Ian received a letter 2 weeks ago advising that it is likely redundancies will be happening there too!!}

I don't suppose I should be surprised really ~ I deal with the sales ledger accounts and am very much aware of the struggles the firm has encountered over the past 15 months.  What with the recession and many companies in our area folding and taking us for large debts in the proceeds - it's desperately hard times.......

But it hurts....... it makes me feel scared, how will we cope .........  it makes me feel anxious about getting another job and I'm questioning my abilities ......... it makes me feel sad........ 

I liked my job.  OK I was never going to climb a career ladder there or earn big bucks, but it was a nice flexible little number {which is needed when you have a child with special needs, with many appointments to attend etc} it was perfect for the way my life has been these past 3 1/2 years, but more importantly I had a lovely genuine boss, which are few and far between these days.

TODAY - has not been a good day