Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Eye Eye ..

Emily has been seeing the Orthoptist now since she was around 1 year old.

She was originally referred by the Health Visitor for her squint.

It took over a year for Emilys squint to be confirmed ~ up until that point we where told it was more of an "optical illusion" due to the flatness and broadness of the bridge of her nose and due to the epicanthic fold (excess skin fold on the upper eyelid) ~ but finally at age 3 a squint and astigmatism where finally confirmed.

Emily was prescribed glasses at age 3 ~ she is long-sighted.

I have felt for a long long time that Emily struggled with perception problems too - she always turned her head to a side when looking at certain objects, she never saw what was under her nose and various other little things concerned me. 

Recently Visual Impairment assessments have also confirmed that Emily does indeed have perception difficulties too ~ difficulties with depth, distance, movement and speed {now we understand why she bumps in to things and also feels with her feet when the floor colouring changes, as to her it looks like a hole or a step!!)

Due to not been able to test Emily accurately and having variations in abilities at her appointments they have kept a close eye on her.  Appointments have been usually 4-6 months apart. 

Last week she had a further check-up and unfortunately she really struggled with her right eye.  I think the Orthoptist thought she'd lost her concentration but my Mummy gut is telling me something else - she just couldn't see the pictures.

The Orthoptist listened to my concerns and agreed that it does appear that we have some definate deterioration in her right eye, possibly patching her good eye is all that will be needed {sounds like fun - NOT!!}

They want to see her again within 2 months this time...

I will keep you posted after the next appointment.

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