Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year & New Beginnings.....

I've not fully relaxed over the festive season, knowing that a new chapter was beginning for Emily at the beginning of 2010.

Followers of my blog, you may recall a couple of my previous posts, one titled "Headaches" and one titled "Glimpse of the future" (need a quick reminder then just click on them for the link).
Well here we are - time passes so quickly - but we are here - the future - the time to move on to new beginnings in the world of education.

Emily is continuing with her mainstream pre-school placement for 3 sessions per week, this placement is very well established for Emily now, she has been attending here since she was nearly 2 1/2 years old.  She has a one to one support worker, which has changed once or twice during that time but I have had a lovely relationship with them with lots of open door communciation - this works well and long may it continue {well until they kick us out ready for big school anyway!!}

On Thursday of this past week Emily started her new pathway ~ a pathway which has not been an easy decision or battle for us.  I don't mind admitting as the start date drew nearer, doubt started to cross my mind on whether we had done the right thing {back to that parental guilt we all feel I think!!}

Emily started her new "special" school placement which is for 2 sessions per week.  We still don't know in which direction we need to go with Emily educationally so chose to continue with the best of both worlds until we do!!
I don't mind admitting just how nervous I was on that first morning, I knew Emily was going to be very very unhappy when we left and I knew I was going to struggle with it - it's happened so many times before!!


What do Mummys know anyway???

The nights sleep that I didn't get the evening before was for nothing!!!!
 The nausea I had suffered for days was in vain!!!!
The tears I had cried had been wasted!!!!
All that worrying and for what - NOTHING!!!!

Apart from a few little flinches from Emily (as some of the children flung their arms around her) and perhaps a little cling to her Daddys leg until she realised there was no real threat to her life ~ she happily went in to her new classroom, with her new teachers and her new friends to enjoy her new school.

We couldn't have been happier


  1. it seems that's always how it works with me. i fret and stress and then am happily suprised. love it.

  2. As I read more & more I was sort of giggling to myself because I know EXACTLY {and I mean exactly} how you were feeling.

    Love & Hugs from Pooh's Corner. Aren't our girls precious?