Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The process for Special Education Needs in the UK is not a simple process.......... that we are definitely learning.

It's no-ones fault I suppose, just an awful lot of policies, procedures and red tape.

Where are we at?

With the support of many of Emily's professionals and advice/guidance from many special people we have finally managed to get a "Statement of Educational Needs" put in to place - that was a long journey in itself - it began October 2008....... but we have achieved it.

Now we have to try to choose a school - the next chapter of that same journey.

Now just to complicate things even further we live on the outer border of Kingston Upon Hull and the schools we are choosing are classed as the East Riding of Yorkshire Council - now this is where the problems arise. Strangely the two Councils work an entirely different system when it comes to the funding of SEN so SOME schools are quite off hand the minute we mention we are from Hull......... I sometimes just wonder...... I am a Mum to a child who "must" have her needs met, I really don't care about the cross-border issues of whom will be paying for it and how..... I just want the best start for my daughter!!!

Policies, procedures and red tape - I suppose it's there for a purpose - as a Mum that purpose is just giving me one big headache!!!!! Life is difficult enough with a child with special needs without these added stresses and obstacles.

I know we will arrive at our destination eventually as we have some amazing people helping us (if you are reading this - THANK YOU).

I will keep you posted - when my headache has gone!!!!!


  1. Sounds confusing, but at least you are getting things worked our for Emily. You are a better mom for that.

  2. Thank you Christina. The system is very confusing and just when you think all the creases have been ironed out you seem to come up against another brick wall - I'm sure we'll get there in the end. x

  3. That is a confusing system you have. We have schools zoned for our area and it is black and white, unless we want to apply for private schools..

    Good luck. Hope it gets ironed out soon.

  4. Hiya, its Williams mum Louise, just wanted to tell you that I think you are an absolute superstar and Emily is lucky to have such a fantastic mum who is fighting so hard for her. I hope that things get sorted for you soon so you can relax in the knowledge that Emily is getting the best start possible. You have got so far, keep fighting! Good luck xxxxxx

  5. What a fantastic job you are doing, Tracey. Amanda told me about Emily's web page when we were over. It is such a pity that instead of the authorities helping you with Emily's problem you have to fight tooth and nail to get anything done. Have you thought about going to the press or a tv channel with her story? Maybe if it were highlighted more there would be more help. Keep up the amazing work you are doing for the benefit of Emily and the other children.
    Lots of love, Sandra (Fuerteventura)xxxx