Sunday, 27 September 2009

September Sun....

September - we know the summer is coming to an end and Autumn just around the corner....
The sun has still been shining here in the UK - these photos are from 2 weeks ago, but yesterday was just as glorious........... oh I do enjoy the summer. The sun just makes me feel happier, more energetic and more enthusiatic!!

Winter makes me the opposite :>(

Joshua has started to ask me "How many sleeps until Christmas Mummy?" - YIKES........ not many really (89 actually..) I have told him "but before Christmas we have many other fun things -
  1. First it's Hull Fair.
  2. Then Half Term - off school for a week.
  3. Then we have Halloween.
  4. Then it's Bonfire night.
  5. Then Emily's 4th Birthday.
  6. Then it will be Christmas.

It made me sit back and think.."why does Winter make me sad?" With so much fun and two beautiful and amazing children to enjoy that fun with!!!! It's time to re-train that part of my brain I think!!!!!

I also think today I will have to start on that Christmas Card and Present list.........


  1. I am not sure what happened to my other comment. I read somewhere once that it's proven that the lack of sunshine can make someone feel more depressed.

    I LOVE THE SUN too. But always find little ways to enjoy the holidays {even without the sun}. hehe

  2. I am finding the transition from summer to Autumn quite difficult.. we have such a fun time camping.

    Love the pics...