Sunday, 4 October 2009

Glimpse of the future..

You may recall one of my previous blogs regarding the complex statementing process for children with special needs in the UK...... well I thought I would post an update...... give you a Glimpse of the future ~ well what the next 6 months entail anyway.

Last week we managed to hold a "meeting", it's easier to get everyone around a table to discuss such things opposed to lots of correspondence been sent here there and everywhere and still getting no results!!! 

In attendance:
Manager of Emilys current mainstream nursery
Manager of Pre-school Learning Alliance (whom provide Emily's support worker)
Senior Co-ordinator from the Parent Partnership
SEN Caseworker from the LEA
Deputy Head from our chosen Special School

I was very impressed........ and relieved......... and grateful for the result that we got.

As you may be aware we still don't really know in which direction we should go educationally for Emily - it's a difficult decision to make for any parent.  So we chose to go in an unusual direction, as in not the normal direction, we requested a "dual" placement initially to see if this will give us a better understanding of which way we should go.

Thankfully this is what we have achieved for her......... so from January 2010 Emily will continue her mainstream nursery with her support worker for 3 sessions per week and then will attend a special school for 2 sessions per week ~ exactly what we wanted.

We are very grateful to EVERYONE who has helped and supported us through this process. At times I'll be honest I felt like walking away from the whole thing but with patience and determination and communication we got there in the end!!

We are hoping that after a few months of doing the dual placement Emilys educational future may become more apparent more obvious to us ~ or this is our hope anyway xx

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  1. I am glad that you had a good meeing. I hope all is successful for her!!