Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloweens Gone By.....

Well it's nearly that time of the year again, when our children love to get dressed up!!!  Well in my case Emily gets dressed up as Joshua doesn't like to anymore.......

So I thought I would post some piccies of Halloweens gone by....

(2006 - Joshua Age 3 1/2 and Emily Age 11 mths)

                                     (2007 - Emily Age 23 months)                                                               (2007 - Joshua Age 4 1/2)

Last year Joshua decided he no longer wanted to dress up :-( ~ but still wanted his share of the candy!!!!!  So Emily did the hard work and Josh still got his share of sweets - typical man.....

(2008 - Emily nearly 3 years)

The children have been invited to a Halloween Party this year at one of Joshua's school friends - will post again after this event.


  1. I just love Halloween & seeing the kids dress up. FUN!

  2. And tell Josh you are never too old to dress up. :)

  3. I know Christina he's such a spoil sport..... looking back he's never liked to dress up (I wonder why!!)...
    Hope you have lots of fun xx