Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My 1st Dance Class

Last week whilst I was at the Children's Centre for an appointment with Emily, I checked out the notice board and saw this ~ "MINI MOVERS" a dance class (movement therapy) session for children with Special Needs............... (I was very excited).

Having a little girl I have always looked forward to doing dance class and things but certainly didn't have the confidence to take Emily to a "normal" class!

So tonight we went along for our first session............................

It's a small group of 6 children including Emily with SN then a few siblings - a nice friendly non-judgemental group.

I enjoyed it but have suddenly realised I need to lose A LOT of weight and get fit FAST!

As for Emily, she struggled bless her........ obviously I knew she wasn't going to be able to do any dance moves as such or actually do a lot of what was been asked but she struggled with the environment. New surroundings, new faces, new instructions - she found it hard and again complained of it been "too noisy" even though it wasn't. I'm finding that she is so hyper-sensitive to noise (perhaps another 17q trait - learning every day). She also struggled with some of the fabrics that we used during the session - perhaps another sensory issue showing its face!!!

In between her screaming and throwing herself on the floor - we did manage to have some fun - Mummy and Emily doing dance class together - it felt nice.

I will try her again next week - a little bit at a time is the best way with our children xx

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  1. Ahh...in time hopefully she'll learn to enjoy. Maddie just started her fourth year dance class this past weekend. After I left I thought I should have brought my camera!! I may have over did it though and enrolled her in tap!! She was having a hard time, but truly enjoyed it. IT's a combo tap and ballet, alternating each week..

    Good luck and I hope you BOTH enjoy...