Friday, 26 March 2010


We met with Emily's new Speech and Languarge Therapist this last week.  It's been a 3 month journey of patience on my part {which I'm not good at!!} 

After Emily finished at the SN classroom at Christmas and we'd opted for a duel placement between her mainstream pre-school and a couple of sessions at a SLD special school, we hadn't realised that the days Emily would be at the special school where the days that the SALT wasn't there.  Emily hasn't been getting SALT at the mainstream placement as her therapy was always done at the SN classroom ~ which Emily started at at the same time as starting pre-school {with me so far??}  Poor communication and perhaps me not even thinking to question that side of things meant that Emily wasn't getting any SALT input {not good when you are talking about a non-verbal 4 1/2 year old}

Many phone calls later and input from various other professionals helping me to sort the problem, we DID finally get to see her new therapist {although I'm disappointed we won't have her very long as she isn't attached to the school that Emily may be attending on the duel placement if our requests go ahead for September}.  I'll worry about that problem later.....

Barbara is a very experienced lady and more importantly I liked her and her ideas {unfortunately us parents don't always hit it off with the professionals involved with our children so it's a bonus when you do}.

I sat in on the assessment at the pre-school, and I'm so pleased that I did...........


It was nice to see what Emily is actually capable of, which may I add was far better than she will ever do when I'm doing activities with her {she tends to play me up and won't concentrate}.  Her understanding was fantastic, she was easily working at a 4 word comprehensive level - both in her understanding and in her choosing and signing back what she had chose.  Her signing is still very immature but as long as you are aware of what's happening you would probably work out what it is she is telling you.

Notes to self :
*always remember to question every area of Emilys education especially when changes are happening*
*communication is the key to any duel placement ever standing a chance of working so I MUST ensure this happens*
*never ever doubt my gut instinct - I knew Emily understood EVERYTHING I told her*

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  1. Good job Emily and what wonderful lessons you learned!

    Communication with the school is essential, as well as not thinking that they are taking care of things. Many times things have slipped to the side for Gracie, and I always find out later, when it is much more harder to deal with.