Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bummer !

TODAY, has NOT been a very good day..... {Emily is fine may I add, nothing to worry about on the Emily front}
NO, today is about me us, well it effects us as a family really.

Today, I was told that the firm I work for {and have done for over 3 years now} is having to let me go!  I'm being made redundant.  {not to mention that Ian received a letter 2 weeks ago advising that it is likely redundancies will be happening there too!!}

I don't suppose I should be surprised really ~ I deal with the sales ledger accounts and am very much aware of the struggles the firm has encountered over the past 15 months.  What with the recession and many companies in our area folding and taking us for large debts in the proceeds - it's desperately hard times.......

But it hurts....... it makes me feel scared, how will we cope .........  it makes me feel anxious about getting another job and I'm questioning my abilities ......... it makes me feel sad........ 

I liked my job.  OK I was never going to climb a career ladder there or earn big bucks, but it was a nice flexible little number {which is needed when you have a child with special needs, with many appointments to attend etc} it was perfect for the way my life has been these past 3 1/2 years, but more importantly I had a lovely genuine boss, which are few and far between these days.

TODAY - has not been a good day



  1. Oh no! Not what you need right now is it?
    I hope Ian doesn't get the same news either :-(
    Listen, I'm literally round the corner from you now so if you want to chat, vent or anything, Tracey, just shout. I'll message you my phone number on FB.
    Lots of hugs from me to you and yours.
    Diane Mulvana

  2. oh no babes im sooo sorry to hear this, im also praying for you that Ian doesn't get the same news xx