Sunday, 28 February 2010

Meet Bobby..

When Emily arrived at her special school setting on Thursday, the children very excitedly told Emily (or the teacher did....) that the previous day they had had a day out to the local BUILD A BEAR shop...

They all chose the bear, its clothing and accessories and brought him back to school (his new home) and for the naming ceremony !!!  They decided on


The idea behind Bobby, is that each weekend one of the children will be chosen to take the bear home, to be loved, looked after and entertained - with photographs and a work book to show off what you did with him.

As Emily only attends the school on a Thursday and Friday it would be difficult for us to take him home for the weekend as we wouldn't be able to get him back for a Monday {I don't think the children would be very happy him being missing for nearly a week!!}  So Emily got to be the first child to babysit him ~ Bobby came home with us on Thursday and went back again on Friday - EMILY LOVED IT, was very loving and nurturing with him, she let him wear her pyjama top, she insisted we put a nappy on him and she slept with him ALL night.


  1. It is so cute that she was so excited about the bear. I love the picture of her sleeping with Bobby and that he had a nappy!

  2. It's very exciting for a day even!! Too cute.