Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lunch in a Box..

Emily is doing quite well at her mainstream pre-school right now.  The progress we have seen in her confidence these past months is quite amazing.  Many factors are contributing - her natural development in age, having an extremely experienced and passionate support worker, her starting a special school for 2 sessions per week and of course not forgetting the therapy sessions that Emily now attends weekly........ so we thought we would introduce her to something new!!

So, on Monday we thought we would start trying Emily at staying packed lunch at her mainstream school.  A lot of the other pre-school age children do it once or twice a week - they stay just an extra hour after their session and all have their packed lunch together before us parents collect them - another way of getting ready for "big" school in September!!

Emily's support worker stayed with her (thank you yet again Siobhan).  I'd done a mixture of things as Emily is a bit picky on what she eats at times and I explained I had made a sandwich so she was like her friends, BUT I explained, she wouldn't eat it as she never eats sandwiches!!!!!

You're probably guessing what I'm about to say.... "YES, that's right - she sat very very nicely I ate EVERYTHING" !!

Emily thoroughly enjoyed her first "lunch in a box" experience - although that extra hour totally wore her out.

Both yesterday & today - she was not impressed AT ALL at having to sit with Mummy to have her dinner.  She kept on signing "friends" as she wanted to sit with them to eat again.

Did she sit nicely for me and eat her sandwich - surprisingly NO SHE DID NOT.....



  1. I have noticed that my Emily will do different things at school....and not do them at home. Same thing turned around. Some things she does at home that she won't do at school.

    YAY for sandwiches. hehe

  2. Ahhh...too cute. Maddie had naps until she was 5 and a half. She has days when she could still take one. I think our kiddos get tired pretty easy.

    I love hearing that she is doing so well in the pre-school!!