Monday, 22 February 2010

Time Out..

Being a parent is one of the most amazing achievements EVER.  However, I personally have not found it an easy job ...... Some parents make it look so easy, for me it hasn't been, BUT the one thing I do find very very easy is the LOVE that I have for my children - unconditional love... I would fight to the end of the earth for either one of them.

On this subject {LOVE} my Husband bought me as my Christmas gift a "treat" {what turned out to be a very expensive treat that we can ill afford right now} but a treat that he just knew I would LOVE.

So this weekend just past we used my Christmas present and in doing that also had some TIME OUT.  Or should I be saying some time for EACH OTHER which is something we have forgot to do these past few years.

On Saturday morning we travelled down to London via train {first class}

Checked in to a very plush {expensive} hotel in the heart of the West End

Had a nice meal with the stars at Planet Hollywood

Went to The Lyceum Theatre to see the show LION KING {which was amazing}

Had an unbroken / undisturbed nights sleep with NO children in between us!!  A queen size bed just to the two of us - bliss.....

Had a lovely breakfast {with no dishes to sort afterwards!!}

Visited the stars at Madame Tussauds wax museum

Did a little shopping around Covent Gardens

Then headed back home via the train {again first class}

Don't get me wrong we missed the children tremendously, as I'm sure they did us {not a chance too much fun with Gaga & Gamma!!} but it was lovely to remember the LOVE we have for each other, the love that for some time has been buried under the busy world of "special needs", hospitals and appointments!!

{It was nice to laugh and have fun again together!!}

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  1. What a wonderful gift that you got for Christmas. I must admit that I am jealous of the time that you got alone with your husband.

    I'm glad that you got to enjoy some time off for some fun and romance!!