Monday, 17 May 2010

Another Mums Hug

This is a post of thanks ...........

In particularly saying Thank You to "Marnie's" Mum (and Marnie).

Marnie's Mum has probably not given it a second thought,  but   it's been something I have given a lot of thought.......... this is a post I have been meaning to do for a week now!

When I collected Emily from pre-school last Tuesday, she saw my face, and as she does came bouncing from the crowd of children towards me with arms parted ready for a big hug.  In between her spotting me, standing-up and getting her balance the parent crowd had increased too - she'd lost me visually, but headed to where she had spotted me anyway with outstretched arms ready for that special moment.  She then realised the Mum she had approached wasn't me, it was Marnie's Mum (another Mum who is, well, just that, another Mum.  A Mum who always says Hi and we pass chit chat but I don't even know her name!!)  She excitedly said to Emily "have you come to give me a hug?" {probably not expecting for one minute!!} and Emily did just that......... my beautiful daughter gave Marnie's Mum a big hug and Marnie's Mum gave her one right back.  After the hug to my surprise Marnie - who was stood by her Mummy the whole time - then lovingly gave Emily a hug too {wiping tears right now}.  It's a blessing that the children and the parents of the children at Emilys pre-school do accept her for who she is and this incident proved that to me - so THANK YOU Marnie's Mum and THANK YOU Marnie. 

Just a hug from my sweet princess makes everything seem just fine.

Mummy loves you right up to the moon and back again Emily Jean


  1. Glad to read this and hear she is getting along so well. Such a great picture of both of you. Sending her hugs from Marisa and me too!