Wednesday, 28 April 2010


See the concentration in their faces?

Brother and Sister sharing and interacting together.... I love it.

It doesn't happen often in our house, Joshua does love his Sister but she can't do what he can do - he still refers to her as "Baby Emily", not in a horrid way - that is what we called her when younger.  Joshua just still sees her as Baby Emily as she can't talk and/or do what other 4 1/2 year olds do!!

However, today as Emily came in from school - she was very very excited.  We have a new piece of equipment for her which she just couldn't wait to try out......... neither could her big Brother.  They played like this for about an hour, Joshua was even carefully showing her how to use this new miracle device, he was patiently guiding her hand and telling her when to "click", it was truely wonderful to watch them......

What is this new miracle device I hear you asking?


It's a mouse for the computer....... Emily's fine motor skills and co-ordination are just too poor to enable her to use a standard mouse.  Just lately she has been showing a keen interest in using the computer both at home and at school, so I contacted our local ESPD (Educational Support for the Physically Disabled) for a little advice.

This is what they came up with "Traxsys Rollerball" and what an excellent piece of equipment it is too (Thank you Liz).

Emily is going to find this so helpful, I can't tell you how nice it is to see her little face when she knows she has selected something on that screen all by herself....... priceless!!

PS:  Helped me do this post too as I can't use a normal mouse with all this padding since my operation - he he!!


  1. What a truly amazing momment for your kids. I bet that you will never forget this! It is priceless to be able to watch your kids play together when they usually can't.

    A few months ago, Caleb and Gracie were able to play legos together. It was so touching to stand back and watch them play like regular siblings get to.

    Thanks for sharing this! I hope she gets many hours out of using her new mouse!

  2. Ahh, that's great for Emily. I am sure she will love the computer just as much as her mummy does.

  3. Great mouser adaptation! How's the CTS healing going btw? I've liked this song, n hear it often from one of Marisa's favorite retro remakes of Curious George movie!