Sunday, 25 April 2010

Doing OK

Whilst I'm sat at the computer I thought I would just do a quick post to let you know I'm doing OK.

I had surgery on Thursday morning - Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right arm.  I arrived at hospital for 8:15 am and was back home again by 2 pm - all done awake, and I can honestly say it was fine {I had a very good nurse who kept my mind off things}.

My main problem is coping with the inconvenience of only having my left hand to do everything with!!!  It's NOT easy when yoy're a right handed person and there are some things which you don't want your husband doing for you!!!  Some things in my opinion just shouldn't be shared within your marriage {if you know what I mean!!!!}

Anyway ~ I'm getting by, missing me blogging, my ebaying and my facebooking - how sad do I sound...  see you again soon my friends xx


  1. I'm so glad that surgery is over and everything went well. Hopefully you will be back to using your right hand again!!

  2. Sorry I haven't kept in touch!! Glad this went well. On the mend now??

  3. Gosh Ash no need to apologize, life gets busy - I know you're only at the other side of the world if I need you hun xx