Sunday, 18 April 2010

Eye Consultant Update

You will recall my post last month "Nystagmus" ~ this post is a little update of how the appointment went with the consultant.

Due to Emilys squint being quite bad at times and now the nystagmus (wobbling of the eyes) - patching is definately not an option.

Mr Innes wants to get things right for Emily, sooner rather than later, for him to be able to do this he wants to explore everything............. so unfortunately he has requested an MRI scan be done.

I say unfortunately as this will have to be done under anaesthetic, Emily will have to be knocked out to ensure she doesn't move at all ~ anaesthetic always frightens me!!

He wants to ensure that nothing is changing within her brain which may be causing the wobbling of her eyes, also to enable him to have a thorough look at behind her eyes too.

I will keep you informed when I know when this will be happening.


  1. Good luck with the MRI. It will be rough, but at least you will have some answers!