Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Park Fun

Yesterday Emily had yet again another boring hospital appointment, boring it was too............ Emily was very good for me considering!!!!

So on the route home we stopped off for some fun.........

Emily's favourite place at the moment is the park...

Does this look like the face of one happy little girl to you?

She let out a slight squeal coming down this slide..

She was very proud of herself - she even climbed on by herself on this occasion..

Don't you just love to see their little faces glow when they master something eventually??

She tried so very very hard to climb on this piece of equipment - just look at the concentration on her face !!

It was just too hard for her though {but this was one of the bigger childrens climbing frames afterall}

So Mummy gave her just a little help....

Her newest game though is standing here playing cafes....... I'm loving this new make believe play she has just started doing...

Here she is passing me my order......

MMMMmmmm Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake - my favourite - Thank You Sweetheart - Thank You for the fun you put in my life xx

1 comment:

  1. Cute, cute, cute pictues!!

    I, too, love the imaginative play that she is doing! That is amazing! I would like some of that cake that you are having too!!