Monday, 19 April 2010

Who's a Big Girl ?

To those with "typically" developing children (is that the correct phrase? I can't keep up with the changes!!) - this post won't really mean very much to you......

To those of you following a similar journey, you will GET just how excited I am by this achievement.......

We have tried and tried and tried to get Emily to not use her sippy cup, spouted beaker or cup with straw attached............. it's been a long time coming with lots of practice usually ending up in a full change of clothing being required.

I think school have done better than we have at home ~ until now.................

Emily managed to drink all of her juice, from a big girl cup, no spillage, no change of clothing required

Looking at her face it's not just Mummy who is very proud



  1. That's great! I love, love, love when our kids work hard at something and then can do it! The look of being proud on their faces is priceless. They have every right to feel proud!


  3. Way to go Emily!!

    We normally use the one with a straw, just because she likes to cart it around the house. But when she uses a cup she slurps it up...very noisy and obviously we don't give her enough