Friday, 18 December 2009

Time to move on .......

Since the age of around 2 1/2 Emily has attended "special" sessions at


She started for one play session per week focusing on helping with speech and language development with Sharon, Michelle and Wendy - who where amazing with her ~ thank you for all your help and guidance during those early days.

Emily then moved up in to the Nursery Classroom for two sessions per week in January 2009.  The waiting list for places here is a long one, so usually time is limited ~ I understand it to be for two terms {oops, we slightly outstayed our welcome}  {Infact I know ALL of the staff loved Emily to pieces so actually they just hung-on to her for as long as they could get away with it - he he]

Emily has been going to this Nursery for a year now ~ sadly it is time to move on :>(

I will definately miss ALL of the wonderful staff

and will miss Emily stood waving goodbye to each of their photos on the wall outside the classroom door!!!!!  Every session we had to do this....

I will miss admiring all of the childrens art work on the corridor wall

But, most of all I will miss the chats, advice and guidance of these wonderful people ~ thank you for all that you have done for us

and Emily will miss you too xx

(I will share with you a little thing that I did for the staff of the Childrens Centre Classroom as no expensive gift seemed right {plus I couldn't afford it he he} so I did the following and laminated it etc......)


  1. This is a frightening step though Christina, sleepless nights at present but hey ho - we'll get there hey!!!! xx