Friday, 4 June 2010

Honey Bunny

At Emilys mainstream pre-school they have been purchasing a build-a-bear (or in this case build-a-bunny) - wearing a school uniform ~ it's so cute.  You can change the bunny accordingly to wear a little school skirt for a girl or little school shorts for a boy.  The children who are leaving St Marks next month, who are moving on to "big" school ~ Emily included (scary times ahead!!) have been given the chance to take Honey Bunny home with them for a sleep-over.  They have to keep a little diary of how they looked after Honey Bunny - just recently it was Emilys turn.............................

Meet Honey Bunny

Of course all of the children are enjoying their time with this new special friend {which they will soon have to say bye-bye to}

Emily certainly gave Honey Bunny lots of cuddles - she can't speak, read or write - but she has definately mastered the art of cuddling {Mummy is a good cuddler too!!}

They got cuddled up in bed along with some of Emilys other special friends for a nice bed-time story



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