Monday, 7 June 2010

Trip to A and E....

Emily was due to be at two birthday parties yesterday {her social calendar is better than mine these days ~ he he}.

Unfortunately, when she got up she seemed to be poking at her right eye more than usual - initially I couldn't see anything.

Mid-morning her eye was watering quite a lot and again the poking started, so I had another look.  Yikes - she had a full hair (from her head) curled around inside her eye - at this point it was actually going directly across her pupil 2/3 times!!!  Now I struggle with eyes and Ian is even worse than me!  I tried so very hard to remove it without hurting or frightening her but to no avail, so it was a trip to the pharmacist first - who then directed us straight to A & E.

Two doctors {young doctors at that ~ or is that just a sign that I am getting much older??), a nurse and the play therapist tried to remove it with both Ian and I trying to keep Emily still - shall we just say she was not a very happy bunny.  In the end we had to stop in fear that she may have a seizure as she was getting quite hysterical about the situation.  We left the hospital with the hair still in her eye, with some cream to try to keep the eye moist in the hope that the hair would work its own way out and her eye wouldn't get scratched.  An appointment has also made for us to attend the eye clinic - the earliest they could do is Thursday.

We managed to make the last hour of the 2nd party, poor Emily, I was so upset for her.

I managed to put some cream in her eyes once she had dropped in to a deep sleep last night - she just wouldn't let us anywhere near her eyes after the hospital.

GOOD NEWS ~ a tiny piece of the hair was sticking out of her eye corner this morning so I managed to slide it out completely!!  I'm glad it happened that way - I needed to personally see that hair coming out of her eye for my own sanity.  PHEW....


  1. Oh my gosh! What an ordeal for her, and for you! I am so glad that it came out, and so easily!

    Thanks for all of your support! I just read your comments on my blog and really appreciate your caring words!!

  2. really glad it's sorted, Carol x

  3. How awful, poor kiddo; glad you were able to get it eventually!