Thursday, 27 January 2011


I started to get a little concerned over Emily's feet lately.

Her positioning particularly on her left foot was not correct in my opinion.  Her GP said it seemed fine but I wasn't convinced so paid to see the Podiatrist privately {she was discharged via the NHS service when she was around 3 years old} - the waiting list in our area is around 18 months!!

I wasn't prepared to wait.......

So off we went and thankfully my "Mummy" gut was right.  The fat pad on Emily's heel has slipped to one side, which means as she's walking she is walking on her bone.  This is why she periodically walked on the side of her foot - to compensate for the pain she was in.

So now she has to permanently wear orthotics.  We are hoping that this may help encourage the tissue to move back slightly to the correct position but for now I'm thankful that we have detected this early to ensure it doesn't cause any further incorrect positioning issues.

She will be monitored every six months to ensure the problem isn't getting any worse.

Oh how I wish she could speak so she could actually tell us what hurts and when!!

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