Sunday, 20 February 2011

Eye Spy!

I just had to share this with you....

At my parents house the other day, my Dad decided to play "Eye Spy" with Joshua and Emily........ obviously more for Joshua's entertainment.

However, Emily decided to have a turn..

"a pa ma eye" - she said
(interpretation = eye spy with my little eye)

"nining H" - she said (using phonic sound for H)
(interpretation = something beginning with H)

So my Dad, Mum and Joshua spent a good 10 minutes saying the names of items beginning with the letter 'H'

During which time Emily had wandered back to the television and become engrossed in Something Special watching her favourite character Mr Tumble

Eventually they gave up.

Emily they said ~ we have no idea ~ we give in.....

So she casually walked up as if they were stupid or something and said...
(Interpretation = DOOR)
and she pointed at the Door

I found it hilarious - but at least she joined in eh.

[I will do a post soon about Emily and her progress with her speech]


  1. THat is so cute and funny!
    I found your blog my mistake but am in love with your sweet little girl.
    My blog will be private here in a week but I'd be glad to send you and invite