Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"A Christmas Carol"

Did you know that this is my favourite festive film....

I love it........ the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit and his poor family!

This is a light hearted post really....... but this morning I'm realising that poor Bob and his family are showing a resemblance to my own family situation!!!

My hubby has been a rather "mature" apprentice for the last 3 years...... money has been extremely tight to say the least but this was our choice and a way of making a better future for us as a family....

We thought the hardship would stop now that he has qualified....... he's now a fully qualified Joiner (yippee) - qualified nearly 5 months ago now.

Alas ~ no happy ending to this story........ these "economic" times are not great for most businesses ....... so no pay reward from been an "apprentice" to now been "qualified" and also been stuck in a no-win situation as there aren't any jobs out there to apply for either.

Is he been taken adventure of ?? - YES I personally feel he is

Could more be done to at least acknowledge the fact that he is now qualified ?? - YES I personally feel there could be

So here I am "Mrs Cratchit" complaining to her hard working husband "Bob" that that old "Ebenezer Scrooge" doesn't deserve his loyalty........ while all along wondering what the future holds for our own "Tiny Tim / Emily"

I am hoping the ghosts of Christmas' past / present & future make their visits to our Ebenezer this year..............

ANYONE KNOW OF ANYONE NEEDING A JOINER - please email us here...........

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